All-Seeing EYE in Church

Why the all seeing eye David Jeremiah?………..

All Seeing Eye In Vatican With Pope

Mystery of the Iniquity

I was viewing a sermon recently and BAMM! There is was…an all-seeing-eye in the middle of the ALTAR of the church behind the pastor who was speaking the sermon!! The picture below is the well-known TV/radio pastor, evangelist,  author David Jeremiah speaking to his congregation at his home church in San Diego, California. The church is named Shadow Mountain Community Church.
This pastor/agent of Satan was David Jeremiah.
My point of this individual BLOG is to reveal that the ALL-SEEING-EYE in the Church is not just a regional thing but WORLDWIDE!

Orthodox Catholic Church in Poland

Kingston Parish Church-Jamica

Greek Orthodox-Greece

St. Stanislaw’s Church, Krakow

Edwardsburg United Methodist Church

Exterior of St. David’s Roman Catholic Church; Maple, Ontario.

Windows in a South-Tuscany Church (Grosseto, Paganico). Italy

Israel Supreme Court Bldg
Mormon Church-Salt Lake Temple

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Pope in Dagon’s Fish Hat with Cardinals and Archbishops…

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