Fatwa Number 31409 (Mufakhathat): Incestuous ‘thighing’ of infants

The Muslim Issue

Islam is the dream religion for pedophiles, rapists and criminals. Muslims try and deny that thighing (Mufa’ Khathat) is allowed in Islam when they are confronted with questions concerning this revolting practice.

Incest, bestiality, rape and sodomy is a common practice in Islam. Ayatollah Khomeini even clarified the legal sanction to sodomy of infants for Shia’s, on both boys and girls, far younger than Aiysha – prophet Mohammed’s incest victim. According to Shia Islam a man is fully permitted to commit sodomy on infants; babies as small as 24 hours old. And a man who ‘permanently damages’ the sexual organs of children must provide for them financially through their life. That’s their only punishment. That is Khomeini’s interpretation of the Koran.

Muslims always blame non-Muslims for their dirty behavior. And if they cannot blame non-Muslims, Sunni’s blame Shia’s and Shia’s blame Sunni’s. But both savages follow the same fascist ideology…

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