Calvinism and Grace are NOT Compatible!

Calvinism Is Not Compatible With Grace

God is not a respecter of persons. God doesn’t force salvation on anyone.

God does not foreordain sin. Calvinism & TULIP are false.


Ralph Yankee Arnold explains why “Calvinism and Grace are NOT Compatible”

in this sermon preached at Calvary Community Church in Tampa, Florida. “Calvinism” – “TULIP” – “Total Depravity” “Unconditional Election” “Limited Atonement” “Irresistible Grace” “Perseverance of the Saints” – “Calvinism Refuted” – “Calvinism Debunked” – “Calvinism Exposed” –


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  1. Calvinism is so thoroughly ingrained in Western Christian thinking that most Christians don’t even see that they are filled with it as a philosophy toward God, and everything else they think. – Peter Cartwright called the ‘once saved always saved’ doctrine the ‘left foot of Calvinism,’ if you think on that very long you will know exactly what he means. My point, though is that Christians don’t realize how inundated with Calvinism they are (even many who do not think they adhere to the philosophy). While fairly controversial in the church, I think this is prophetically timely. Thank you.

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