You Have Two Brains!

PornProof Kids™

It’s true. You have TWO brains! And if you want to help inoculate your children against pornography, it’s very helpful to understand how they work together.

GPBP_07SmlThe Feeling Brain

The feeling brain (or instinctive brain), called the limbic system, resides near the center of your brain. It’s where emotions like fear, anger, excitement, sadness and pleasure come from. The feeling brain is also responsible for your basic drives such as hunger, thirst and sexual desire which help to ensure your survival and the survival of the entire human family.

The feeling brain has three main objectives:

  • To survive physically
  • To avoid pain
  • To pursue pleasure

The feeling brain is sometimes called the primitive brain because we share the structures of this part of our brain with all mammals. It’s automatic and responds to stimuli extremely fast. Just imagine that you’re hiking through the woods and come upon a large bear. Before you can even think…

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