English Girl Converts to Islam Then Gets Acid Attacked for Breaking-up With Muslim Man

This poor woman learned the evils of Islam the hard way!

sharia unveiled

Acid Attack UK Vikki Horsman

  • Vikki Horsman, 20, converted to Islam for Mohammed Rafiq, 80 

  • She wore a headscarf and changed her name to Aleena Rafiq

  • She ended the relationship when he became ‘too controlling’

  • Acid was thrown over her when she answered door at house

  • Rafiq found guilty of arranging for two men to target her 

by, Stephanie Linning | Daily Mail | h/t Trop

An 80-year-old man hired two thugs to throw acid in the face of his ex-girlfriend when he became convinced that the 20-year-old was seeing another man after their relationship ended.

Vikki Horsman was left horribly burned and disfigured after she was doused with the sulphuric acid as she went to answer the door at her friend’s house in Tividale, West Midlands.

Her ex-lover, Mohammed Rafiq, was today found guilty of arranging the attack in revenge for Miss Horsman, who had converted to Islam during their relationship, breaking…

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