Aware of violence against my mother; Instead of reporting abuse, #PP

*Without any guidance my mother sought Planned Parenthood to aid her in her moments of despair. Without any counseling or help to spare – Planned Parenthood’s options for her proved itself to be one thing…an abortion for every resulting “inconvenience.”

The clinic workers at the Planned Parenthood were very aware that a violent relationship was at hand between my mother and her abuser – as her abuser cursed, screamed, and pushed her within clinic walls. Instead of reporting this abuse her abuser received directions to a nearby abortion clinic…allowing him to use and abuse her body for his satisfaction.

Witheld in this video is that my mother also suffered two miscarriages, and had cancer cells developed resulting her to have an emergency hysterectomy.

All of these factors are interrelated to one another as the cycles of “Planned Parenthood counseling” led to abortions, abuse, and major health damage.

Recently, my mother had to undergo an emergency surgery to remove the build-up of “scar tissue” that had collected throughout the years from the abortions, and miscarriages.

I’m speaking up for all those who have suffered from any of these factors…especially for women and children who are subjected to these abuses.

We must all stand together to not only defund planned parenthood but to tell Congress that they must stop this injustice everywhere by permitting the basic consitutional right to life to every individual by acknowledging personhood!


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